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Shops to enjoy 130m spending spree today

"There's a lot of confidence there and hopefully that'll carry us into the post-Christmas sales." Mr Healy added that, similar to Dublin, shoppers were coming into the city as a family oriented day. Graeme Mulqueen, of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, said that the capital had evolved in the past decade. He said that a significant amount of money was now being spent on food and drinks as part of the shopping experience, adding that consumers were staying in the city longer. Mr Mulqueen said that he expected about €70m to be spent by shoppers in Dublin alone. However, he did say that people were still on the hunt for a bargain. "Nobody is getting carried away with themselves," he said. "There's still caution and that's a good thing. "People still want to feel like they're getting something that they really want. "If consumers are spending, you'd like to think it's from their own pocket." Meanwhile, Ms Higgins told the Irish Independent that, over the past 12 months, the impact of Brexit has been negative for Irish retail, with weak sterling making cross-Border shopping more appealing.

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