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This so-called modern man is one who takes pride in his appearance and invests the time and energy to look and feel good from working out regularly to scoping out the best grooming products. This menswear online shopping store takes this into account by offering virtually everything their target market could want from an online retailer, like slimming tank tops and first-rate men’s skin care. While some of their urban clothing is heavily inspired by New York menswear, shoppers can also indulge in edgy skinny jeans for men hailing from as far as Korea, Italy and Turkey. Some of these brands aren’t necessarily popular in their country of origin either, making them an even hotter commodity exclusive to their site. Along with their target market, their priority is to consider how consumers are taking advantage of online shopping by utilizing the latest apps and mobile devices. Today, shopping for clothes is more about finding the most convenient ways to purchase what you’re looking for, especially amongst millennials. As Differio continues to experience a surge in website traffic, large malls and freestanding boutiques are experiencing less foot traffic, which can be detrimental to sales. Likewise, they’ve tailored their website to mimic an in-store experience by providing exact measurements for every size and item, as well as an online chat service. Differio is consistently creating viral trends in social media by offering products that start a conversation.

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