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But critics have said the deal does not go far enough in holding Japan responsible for wartime abuses. Japan said the 1.5m-tall (5ft) bronze statue depicting a young, barefoot woman sitting in a chair, was a violation of the 2015 agreement. Image copyright AP Image caption Japan demands the statue's removal On Sunday Prime Minister Shinzo Abe demanded the removal of the statue from outside its consulate in the South Korean city of Busan. "The South Korean side should show its sincerity,'' he said on Japanese TV. He said the 2015 agreement should be implemented regardless of leadership change as a "matter of credibility". At the time of the deal, 46 former "comfort women" were still alive in South Korea. The presidential scandal Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ms Park was impeached in December but demonstrators are calling for her removal from office In December, Ms Park was forced to step back from her duties after weeks of protests led to her impeachment . But demonstrators are calling for her full removal from office. The scandal-hit president is accused of allowing a close friend to profit from her parliamentary connections.

Census Monthly Retail Trade and Food Services report . But that drop in demand doesnt stop retailers from offering deals on everything from cozy linens to television sets toexercise equipment. If youre planning to shop for one of the following items in the near future, keep an eye out for enticing discounts over the next few weeks. Bedding Bargains Long known as the white sale, sales on sheet sets are a January tradition. Take advantage of deep discounts this month to invest in quality linens that will last.Choosing the right sheet set can save you money and prevent headaches in the long run, but prices alone do not indicate quality. Consumer Reports' sheet tests showed that most sets left a lot to be desired. There's more to great sheets than thread count.Our tests have confirmed that higher thread count doesn't guarantee better sheets. In fact, the top-scoring percale sheets in our last test, which had a claimed thread count of only 280, were strong, shrank very little, and easily fit mattresses up to 17 inches high, even after we washed and dried them five times. To be safe, make sure you know the return policy before heading to the cash register. TVs on Sale If you didn't score a new TV on Black Friday, the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl are also a great time to find deep discounts.

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